My Now page as of March 23 2020

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What is Ivan up to now?

Hey it’s me, Ivan, the guy who you are reading about right now. Today it’s March 23rd 2020 and the Pandemic is starting to get into full swing. At midnight non-essential services will be closed and the PM just threatened folks not taking things seriously.

While the world is crying about WFH and somehow people don’t own desks or computers, nothing for me has changed, except that there are fewer opportunities.

I had a contract ready to go that got cancelled, so I’m actively looking for new projects that can help pay the bills. I may even consider some form of remote job, although I’m not quite sure yet. If you’ve got an interesting opportunity or offer, please let me know. If you just want to chat or catch up, I’m also pretty interested in talking with folks!

If you are researching for your VC fund and think I still actively run Will Pwn 4 Food, may god have mercy on your fund. I’m getting more of those emails daily, lol.

Home & Life

Nothing much new going on right now. Still playing HoTS. Nearly made it to Master in ranked play. Started playing The Division 2, which I got for free with my replacement Xbox One. Been doing a lot of reading on professional gambling and sportsbooks, perhaps about 6 books so far + many articles.

Started watching some training videos on the JAMstack as I won a free 6 month subscription to I’m still pretty intrigued with Netlify.

Before the COVID-19 Craziness was really a thing, my wife and I took a trip to Arizona for 12 days. We saw a lot of really awesome places and had our rental upgraded to a convertible Mustang, which was both awesome and incredibly impractical for the 1000+ miles we drove. While there is so much to see all over, make sure to go see Jerome!

I’ve been learning a ton of history lately (more than usual anyway) as my wife and I have been making our way through the backlog of Sabaton History. One of the best ways to get inspired, want to learn more, and to actually remember history is to listen to one of the most energetic metal bands sing about it. It’s really cool that they’ve got a channel that dives into the history behind each song, as well as some stories about how the band choose that theme.


While the whole world is frustrated that everything is on hold, I am stuck waiting too. I’ve had to deal with a lot of “hurry-up-and-wait” situations over the years, and I still don’t like it, I’m too impatient. Baseball season is now pushed to mid May and I worry about what will happen to this season. I’m not a Baseball fan, but I do run a baseball statistics startup and we’ve got something really amazing ready to go that can change everything. I feel like I finally found a golden ticket, and now the world is pulling it out of my hand and holding it just out of reach, waving it in my face. Fun.