Ivan Lukianchuk

Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist, Metalhead.

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Design and print custom memorabilia tickets

This is a complete working business that allows users to easily design custom tickets and order them through Stripe. Bulk discounts are applied and shipping and taxes are dynamic based on location. This project is currently active.

Cult of Echoes

Laser cut crafts and artwork

My wife and I run an Etsy shop making laser cut & engraved artwork both inspired and custom. We do online sales as well as in-person craftshows.


The Ultimate Baseball Statistic

RPM is the ultimate baseball stat that combines batting, fielding, pitching and runner performance into a single comprehensive statistic. This company is currently active.


Tracking the digital body language of organizations to identify flight risks

Gumshoe was a white glove service provided to both companies and recruiters. We could detect when an employee was looking to leave the company and alert the paying party.

This Is Your Out

Get out of Awkward Situations!

This Is Your Out has one simple goal and that's to get you out of bad social situations fast! We are making the TIYO, a secret button that calls you when you are in trouble and tells you what to say to get out now!

Will Pwn 4 Food

Will Pwn 4 Food is Gaming for Money!

Will Pwn 4 Food was a skill gaming company that made fast action 3D games that you could play directly in the web browser for actual cash and prizes. Our first game was called DodgeBots.