Ivan’s always up for exploring cool opportunities!

Ivan’s skillset can be summarized as a “startup-in-a-box” as he can take an idea, evaluate it, research it, test it, and ultimately build the entire thing while providing feedback and thoughts along the way. He has no problem telling you why the idea may not work or how you can save time and money by cutting some features or focusing on others. Ivan wants to help you succeed and isn’t interested in just blindly building what he’s told to build. That’s why people like him.

What is Ivan up to and open to?

Ivan usually has several projects and startups on the go, but he’s always looking for the next project to work on and can help you out with his consultancy called Strattenburg.

If you are looking for a technical co-founder, Ivan can be incredibly picky and cautious, but he’ll hear you out and give you his thoughts!

If you think Ivan would make a great addition to your team, feel free to reach out and start up a conversation! While you can imagine that employment is not at the top of Ivan’s list, he is happy to explore options, so hit up the contact page or reach out via social media.