What is Strattenburg?

Ivan has been consulting since 2010 and formalized his efforts into Strattenburg Inc., an independent consultancy. The name comes from a hilarious mistranslation of a word from a now ancient transcription service. It sounded classy and noteworthy enough to write down and remember, and finally it found it’s purpose!

What does Strattenburg do?

Strattenburg is business consulting at its core. We work with clients to build solutions to their most important problems.

Our value proposition is that we can sit down and work with you to fully understand what it is you need and the best or most efficient way to get there. This means we do both planning and development work.

Why Strattenburg?

People enjoy working with me because I’m not just your typical developer or contractor. I’ve run multiple businesses myself and I’ve been the lead developer on those projects. I’ve got the ability to talk to people both from a business and developer mindset and I can step into their shoes. I’m not here to sit down, ask for a full spec, and code to it mindlessly – I’m here to talk you through your needs, to fully understand your business, and to question your ideas and assumptions; I’m not afraid to tell you if I think what you are doing is wrong or foolish, and I can offer alternatives or ways to get the most results for the least amount of time and money. Many clients have mentioned that “they don’t know what they don’t know” and they need someone to tell them what’s possible or not along with the pros and cons. I’m not your yes-man, I’m your partner in helping you do what’s best within your timeline and budget.

Ultimately, if you succeed, I succeed, so I want to make sure your project is sound and will take you to the next level.

Past Clients & Projects

We’ve worked with many varied clients, here is a list of some of them:

Other unnamed projects include:

  • A Unity3D training module for world class kickboxing referees that featured mocapped moves from professional trainers
  • A hockey goal stats collection system
  • A concierge app for millionaires